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Ciprian Spiridon
Tuesday 31 May 2011, 8:44 pm
I really like this website
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About Us

What began with a passion for music and a vision to create something meaningful has now developed into a music production company called Outshun Entertainment. By identifying and capitalizing on alternative promotion and distribution initiatives, the company is positioning itself as a production engine for the next generation of independent music.

Founded during the summer of 2002, the company has strived to make timeless music by partnering with forward thinking artists to deliver a product that is relevant. Outshun Entertainment has quickly built a reputation for delivering exceptionally high quality production and establishing grass-root credibility for new music. Through its web of artists, producers, and affiliate labels, Outshun Entertainment has its ears to the ground for the freshest urban sound. This comprehensive network allows the company to identify and nurture commercially viable sounds and styles.

As the sound of today’s over saturated pop radio market becomes stale, repetitive and homogenous in design, Outshun Entertainment continues to promote an original, fresh, aggressive and new sound that resonates within the urban community.

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